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Furniture Repair Kit | Rescue Box

This basic furniture repair kit is excellent for minor repairs and touch-ups on furniture around the home, in furniture showrooms, small warehouses or to carry in the back of your truck.

It provides enough products to do quick touch ups and minor repairs.

Suitable for minor repairs & touch ups on timber, veneer & melamine furniture.

$100.00 Inc GST

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AFC EzyCare 5 Minute Leather Cleaner

If you’ve been looking for an effective and easy to use product for cleaning your leather furniture then AFC EzyCare 5 minute Leather Cleaner is your answer.

AFC EzyCare Leather Cleaner  is specially formulated with a successful blend of a chemical free all natural cleaner that actually works.

Clean your leather first then apply our premium quality non toxic leather conditioner & moisturising cream which assists in making the leather finish resistant to potential staining.

Suitable for most leather finishes including top coated, waxed and pull up leathers.

Not Suitable for Nu-Buck or Suede and Raw Leather

$29.95 Inc GST

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Complete Furniture Repair Kit

This kit has almost everything you will need to do a wide range of repairs. If you can’t fix the damage with this kit, you’ll need to consult a professional for advice or to do the repair.

The Complete Furniture Repair Kit contains:
· 5 x Scratch-Fix Pens
· 20 x Wax Putty Bricks
· 12 x Repair Crayons
· 1 x 50gr Paste Wax Natural
· 1 x 50gr Paste Wax Dark
· 1 x 50gr Paste Wax Black
· 1 x 250ml Bottle Furniture Reviver
· 1 x 50gr Packet OOOO Super Fine Steel Wool
· 1 x Packet of 2 Pure Cotton Polishing Cloths

$180.00 Inc GST

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Timber Furniture Care Kit

The Total Wood Care Kit has everything you need for cleaning, maintaining and touching up timber furniture.

With regular use it will add years to the life of your furniture and help maintain it’s natural beauty.

In the kit you’ll find our a comprehensive wood care information guide with all types types of cleaning, maintenance and minor repair tips for looking after all your wood furniture.

The kit also contains 3 x Scratch Fix Pens in Light Brown, Medium Brown and Dark Brown for touching up minor chips, nicks and scratches, a bottle of Quick Polish and a packet of 2 cloths for polishing your furniture as well as a packet of felt floor protectors to stop your furniture from scratching floors.

$49.95 Inc GST

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Fabric Magic Spot Cleaner

Fabric Magic Spot Cleaner is a unique, all-natural cleaner that works brilliantly with any fabrics like 100% silk, chenilles,  jacquards, linens and most synthetic fibres.

FM removes: wine, blood, oil, grease, food staining, biro, chocolate, smoke stains, toner, general soiling, and much much more.

$24.95 Inc GST

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