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Complete Furniture Repair Kit

This kit has almost everything you will need to do a wide range of repairs. If you can’t fix the damage with this kit, you’ll need to consult a professional for advice or to do the repair.

The Complete Furniture Repair Kit contains:
· 5 x Scratch-Fix Pens
· 20 x Wax Putty Bricks
· 12 x Repair Crayons
· 1 x 50gr Paste Wax Natural
· 1 x 50gr Paste Wax Dark
· 1 x 50gr Paste Wax Black
· 1 x 250ml Bottle Furniture Reviver
· 1 x 50gr Packet OOOO Super Fine Steel Wool
· 1 x Packet of 2 Pure Cotton Polishing Cloths

$180.00 Inc GST

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Furniture Repair Kit | Rescue Box

This basic furniture repair kit is excellent for minor repairs and touch-ups on furniture around the home, in furniture showrooms, small warehouses or to carry in the back of your truck.

It provides enough products to do quick touch ups and minor repairs.

Suitable for minor repairs & touch ups on timber, veneer & melamine furniture.

$100.00 Inc GST

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Inca Furniture Reviver

Inca Furniture Reviver is an excellent product for for putting some life back into furniture that is looking a bit “Tired” and “Dry” or has light surface scratching that has not broken through the lacquer.

Important Warning: Inca Furniture Reviver is only suitable for medium to dark brown furniture. Do not use on light colours as the reviver contains a colouring that can darken the furniture in some cases.

For tired and dry surfaces there are 2 methods depending on the condition of the furniture.

For furniture where the surface is still clean but looking a bit dull, faded and dry apply the furniture reviver with a clean soft cloth going evenly with the grain. Get a second soft dry cloth and remove excess and buff. Sometimes you may need some extra cloth to buff to smooth, silky finish.

For timber furniture that’s dirt, aged and has a build up of old wax and grime, the best way is to rejuvenate the wood furniture with Inca furniture reviver and some “0000” Superfine Grade steel wool.

Apply Inca Furniture Reviver to the surface with a piece of superfine steel wool and spread along the furniture going in the same direction as the grain, “never in a circular motion” always make sure that the surface and steel wool are well lubricated with furniture reviver at all times.

Removing light surface scratching

To remove light hazy surface scratching and to rejuvenate wood furniture is virtually the same process.

Apply “Inca Furniture Reviver” to the surface with a piece of “0000” Superfine steel wool and spread along the furniture going in the same direction as the grain, “never in a circular motion” always make sure the that surface and steel wool are well lubricated with reviver at all times.

If you are attempting to move light surface scratches rub the surface gently until you see the scratches disappear and then stop and buff off any excess reviver and give the furniture a polish with a good quality beeswax. The same procedure applies when rejuvenating a “dull” or “tired” looking piece of furniture.

Warning: There are many different brands of “Furniture Revivers” on the market and it’s important to make sure you choose the correct type as some are only suitable for dark wood furniture and some are only suitable for use on any color wood furniture light or dark. Make sure you read the label for instructions before purchasing.

$23.95 Inc GST

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Inca™Repair Crayons

Furniture Repair Crayons are designed for filling fine splits, small holes and small gouges in wood furniture.

Doing a repair with crayons is quite simple because the wax is reasonably soft, all you have to do is push in a downward direction and rub the crayon over the damaged or split area until the wax becomes level.

Once the wax is level clean any excess off with soft non abrasive cloth.

(Box of 12 Mixed Wood Tones Furniture Repair Crayons) 

$36.00 Inc GST

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Scratch Fix Pens

Scratch Fix Pens also known as Furniture Touch Up Pens are the easiest and most simple productto use for fixing minor nicks or scratches.

Follow the instructions and you won’t go to far wrong.

Scratch Fix Pens are felt tipped, oil based staining pens ideal for disguising light scratches, nicks and chips on stained wood, melamine and veneers, where the surface has been broken.


$18.95 Inc GST

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Superfine Steel Wool

This is a “0000” Superfine grade quality steel wool supplied in a 50gm roll, which is used in conjunction with Inca Timber Wax or Inca Furniture Reviver to remove surface scratches, dirt build up, spot marks and over spray from wood furniture surfaces.

$6.95$19.95 Inc GST

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Wax Putty Bricks

The Wax Putty Brick is not intended to repair severe damage to furniture such as chipped corners and deep indentations.

The Wax Putty Brick does not require any drying time. It can be used in between coats of lacquer and has definitive shelf life.

The inca™ Wax Putty Brick is a synthetic wax with a tinted base, which does not contain beeswax.

inca™ Wax Putty Bricks can be used for filling small holes, nail holes, chips, nail holes, splits, dents and cracks in all types of timber furniture, timber floors, skirting boards and other timber-related products used internally.

inca™ Wax Putty Brick can be re-coated with any type of lacquer, paint or varnish. It can also be coated with Scratch Fix Pen.

It is non-toxic and is available in a range of 20 wood tone colours.

Only Available in box of 20 Mixed Wood Tones

$44.00 Inc GST

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